Primos Hunting Calls App Reviews

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Works great

Downloaded this and compared to the real ones, it sounds the same, going to ry it hunting see if it works.


Tryed the yore called it worked hooked to my truck speakers

Not bad

Its ok. Should be cheaper. Kind of a waste of money

Quality call sounds, but not enough of them.

I like the sound/calls quality provided with this app, however, there should be more predator call (for coyotes), there should definitely be a variety of Moose calls added, and also there should be more pre-recorded call routines. I love this app, but the downfall is I want more! :)


Good APP. But needs more calls Section Maybe For Moose. And for Calling Birds Crows , Pheasents , much more. Really NEED more smallgame calls. Definitely a better selection of squirrel calls , Rabbit And even Varmin. So good choice for those Pellets gun hunters. Thanks. Sincerely a pellet gun hunter :)


Dont buy get the free app Turkey Calls Free - Bullys Turkey Terror I like it better

I like it, fun to entertain the baby as well

You should try it


Where are the moose calls?

Happy !!

Been using the call with an external speaker , works great ! Two bucks this week

Product Referance

this app is a reference call you can purchase from Primos. It is not a teaching aid nor worth the money, it has very limited calls in the full version and it has a Buy Now" button to send you to there web site to purchase the real call… but it doesnt teach you how to make different calls, which is what we all are looking for?

Sounds like a poor call, not the real thing

I would pass, not lifelike by any measure.

Good app

Fun good app a must have for hunters but on my iPod touch 4 every time I go to a call now the app crashes it worked fine at first

Love this app but...

For some reason it wont work with my bluetooth speaker.Would be 5 stars if it did.

Bluetooth doesnt work

The app is good but would be great if it worked through Bluetooth speakers.

Primos calls

Great app saved me lots of bucks. I play it through my Bluetooth speaker all the time

good demo of primo calls, not a caller

Should be free since its just a sales tool for their own products


It actually worked! Cant believe a big buck fell for the rattling and the snort wheezes

Scam. Dont buy this app.

As a long time fan/customer of primos, I would have to say I expected this to be a great, quality product. Its not. I cant believe that they would even sell this. What a scam. Im so disappointed that I dont think Ill ever by a primos product again. This is NOT a game calling app!!! It is an online shopping/advertising ploy where if you like the 2 sec demo clip you can "BUY NOW" the actual product and theyll ship it to you. Yes please send that doe bleat to my deer stand. And charge me $1.99 extra instead of directing me to a store or your website. Way to go primos, you really out did yourself this time. Did I say SCAM? I want my money back or an update thats actually useful.

Best App ever thanks Primos for my 8 point this year!

Used the Buck Roar full call to grunt in an 8 point to 5 yards from my stand. Couldnt believe that it worked but it did and the proof will be mounted on my wall! Thanks Primos!


Dont buy. Its a scam that sends you to their online shopping website. Waste of $1.99

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